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Subaru’s people-first approach to car-making is supported by the people behind our manufacturing.Our engineers are proud of their unmatched skill and high level of teamwork, and they bring to each and every car they build an uncompromising focus on quality. All this is to ensure that as many customers as possible appreciate the value of a Subaru.This group of irreplaceable engineers is where Subaru’s car-making starts.

A legacy of skill

The people behind Subaru’s quality

The top-notch engineers behind our manufacturing don’t just learn the latest skills and technology, they also hone their senses, sharpening
their ability to sense even the smallest change in materials. This is how Subaru is able to produce the highest-quality products in any age.

Engineers who can see the big picture

When learning the fundamentals of manufacturing, each Subaru engineer goes through a fixed rotation to help them become multiskilled workers with a deep understanding of the entire production process.


Passing on expertise

At the Subaru Technical School, we give engineers the opportunity to study technology, special skills and feeling to create a generation of experts with an even higher level of skill and know-how.


Inspired perception

At Subaru, we are nurturing engineers who are proud of their ability to identify a problem from a sound or vibration alone. Honing our engineers’ human intuition and sharpening the senses is how Subaru maintains the ultimate quality of its products.

Subaru technology, Subaru production

The things only Subaru can do

Our Symmetrical AWD system, built around a horizontally opposed engine, is just one example of the many unique technologies Subaru has developed.
These demanding production technologies was first made possible by our high level of manufacturing skill, and manufacturing them ourselves is how we can make products no other company in the world can match.

The Subaru Boxer

To achieve a horizontally opposed engine with a low center of gravity, components need to be as compact as possible, and a short, thin-walled crankshaft is essential. This is where Subaru’s world-renowned manufacturing skills, including extreme precision machining and advanced finishing technology, really shine.



With micro-precision machining, Subaru has created a transmission that takes efficiency, strength and noise/vibration reduction to entirely new levels. Carefully adjusted assembly maximizes the already impressive performance obtained from precision production. This is the essence of Subaru technology that only Subaru can manufacture.

Absolute quality

The world’s highest standard of quality

Having started out as an aircraft maker, Subaru takes pride in its dedication to quality and its unshakable confidence. Using a highly precise quality inspection system, we first establish that our parts are of the highest quality.

The DNA of an aircraft maker

Our beginnings as an aircraft maker mean the pursuit of all-around safety and optimal performance, all in the most compact package possible, is in our DNA. This heritage of craftsmanship can be felt in every corner of Subaru’s manufacturing plants.


Making plans, planning to make

Collaboration between the manufacturing and design departments from the very start allows Subaru to achieve high-quality, high-performance mass production.


Quality checks

At Subaru, engines and transmissions are all tested thoroughly, because some things can’t be measured with figures on a page. Confirming the quality of each component by hand allows us to offer our cars with confidence.