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Enjoyment and Peace of Mind with every adventure.

The boxer engines with low center-of-gravity and compact size make for excellent driving stability as well as enhanced combustion efficiency, which together provide both superior environmental performance and remarkable driving enjoyment. The symmetrical all-wheel drive systems exceeds expectations for consistent handling and reliable dynamic performance on any road surface. And the EyeSight driver-assist system continually evolving to help prevent collisions before they happen, as well as to afford a safer and more enjoyable driving experience throughout a wide range of scenarios. Subaru continues to hone the unique technologies that provide each of our customers with enjoyment and peace of mind.

Delivering the next generation of Subaru vehicles.

The Subaru Global Platform



  • World-class collision safety
  • High spec components integrated into a practical structural layout
  • High maneuverability with new suspension geometry (agility, stability, and hazard avoidance)
  • Maximized interior space with highly efficient packaging

Towards 2020 & Beyond

Technological Advancement of Safety & Environmental Performance


Concept Models

What makes a Subaru what it is? What makes an automobile more than just a car? We at Subaru have an inexhaustible passion for continuously facing challenges that lead to the future.

  • VIZIV TOURER - 2018
  • VIZIV-7 SUV - 2016
  • VIZIV FUTURE - 2015
  • VIZIV 2 - 2014
  • VIZIV - 2013
SUBARU VIZIV TOURER CONCEPT was designed based on the brand design philosophy "Dynamic x Solid". Combining the various values into the tourer style body, SUBARU VIZIV TOURER CONCEPT proposes the value "enjoyment and peace of mind" which enriches driver and passenger’s lifestyle further.
Subaru VIZIV Performance Concept is a sports sedan concept model that embodies the brand’s vision for the future of making cars that deliver Enjoyment and Peace of mind to its customers. With the installation of advanced driver-assist technology, with EyeSight at its core, in anticipation of the future popularization of self-driving vehicles, in a sports sedan body that will encourage the active enjoyment of driving, it offers a worldview of driving with Enjoyment and Peace of mind that is typical of Subaru.
2016 Los Angeles Auto Show: SUBARU VIZIV-7 SUV CONCEPT
We have a big vision for the future Subaru SUV, and the SUBARU VIZIV-7 SUV CONCEPT demonstrates just how big we are willing to go. Its sense of scale stems from what customers seek in an SUV – full three-row capability in a full-sized vehicle package. Adorned with Subaru’s DYNAMIC × SOLID design philosophy, the concept is a collection of our core brand values, safety, dependability, outdoor capability and forward looking attitude. In essence, the SUBARU VIZIV presents our future vision of car development for “enjoyment and peace of mind” that we promise to all our customers.
The SUBARU VIZIV Future Concept is a concept car that embodies the future of enjoyment and peace of mind, which are the core values of the Subaru brand. Self-driving technologies made possible by advances in the EyeSight system and a power unit that is a combination of a hybrid system with a downsized turbo are just some of the state-of -the- art technologies that bring enjoyment and peace of mind to your driving experience. A new chapter in the story of your life begins, as this car makes your daily activities even more spirited and rewarding. Subaru cars bring to life a future full of enjoyment and peace of mind.
2014 Geneva Motor Show: SUBARU VIZIV 2 CONCEPT
We envision a world without limits. A world without barriers or tradeoffs. A world where your peace of mind permits you to go and do the things that bring you enjoyment every day. To capture that vision we created the SUBARU VIZIV 2 CONCEPT. Its shape—dynamic, yet radiating solidity—embodies the energy that exudes from our promise to drivers. Its athletic and rugged stance practically begs you to engage more fully with life. In every detail, from the spacious interior, to the daring LED headlight array and the butterfly doors you’ll find the philosophy of an unbroken connection between what you dream, and what you experience. It’s a philosophy that lives vibrantly in every Subaru vehicle and every Subaru owner.
2013 Geneva Motor Show: SUBARU VIZIV CONCEPT
Highlighting the next generation of Subaru innovation in its design philosophy and cutting-edge technology, this bold crossover heightens the potential of Subaru Symmetrical AWD. The SUBARU VIZIV CONCEPT propels responsive performance, eco-friendly power and stylish refinement into a new era - while reinforcing Subaru’s dedication to driving enjoyment and peace of mind.