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Subaru EyeSight


At SUBARU, we believe in all-around safety. An important part of that is pre-collision safety: making every effort to ensure an accident never happens. That’s why we created EyeSight®, SUBARU’s cutting-edge driving support system. Like a second pair of eyes for the road ahead, EyeSight uses two stereo cameras capturing three-dimensional colour images with excellent image recognition, nearly as capable as the human eye. More accurate than traditional camera and sensor technologies, EyeSight uses images from both cameras to precisely determine shape, speed and distance, meaning it not only detects vehicles but also motorbikes, bicycles and pedestrians*. When a potential hazard is identified, it warns the driver and even applies the brakes if necessary, to help avoid an accident. With excellent safety performance, EyeSight gives the driver ultimate peace of mind.

EyeSight Features

The core of the EyeSight system is its set of dual color cameras. Intelligently and unobtrusively placed near the rearview mirror, they scan the road for unanticipated dangers.

This advanced system provides extra awareness, safety, and added peace of mind every time you drive. Watch the videos below to see how each component of EyeSight works together to bring you a safer road ahead.

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Adaptive Cruise Control
Adaptive Cruise Control allows the driver to set vehicle speed and distance to the car in front. It constantly monitors distance and speed then adjusts the engine, transmission and brakes accordingly to maintain speed in line with the traffic flow. Designed for use on motorways and similar roads, Adaptive Cruise Control improves driver comfort and convenience on long drives.
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Lane Sway and Departure Warning
Lane Sway and Departure Warning will alert the driver with a visual and audible warning if the vehicle sways or departs its lane without indicating.
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Lead Vehicle Start Alert
It’s easy to become distracted when waiting in stationary traffic. EyeSight will prompt the driver to notice that vehicles in front have started moving again with a buzzer and a flashing indicator.
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Lane Keep Assist
Lane Keep Assist will offer gentle steering control if the vehicle is about to deviate from its lane at approximately 40 mph or above.
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Pre-collision Braking System
The Pre-collision Braking System activates visual and audible warnings to alert the driver of a potential collision. If the driver fails to take evasive action, the brakes will be applied automatically to either prevent an accident entirely or reduce the severity of an impact depending on speed. If the driver brakes but does not apply enough pressure, the system will increase braking force.
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Pre-Collision Throttle Management
If the car is parked facing an obstacle, EyeSight will give the driver a visual and audible warning if they accidentally select drive instead of reverse. The system will also cut engine output to help avoid a frontal collision.

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EyeSight Features

When equipped with EyeSight, all 2019 Subaru models receive the highest possible front crash prevention rating from IIHS highest rated claim from 2019 to 2020.