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Considering safety from every angle.

Subaru’s design philosophy of “Safety First” comes from the company’s roots in aircraft manufacturing, and we have been carrying out collision tests with consideration for pedestrian protection since the days of our first production vehicles (such as the Subaru 360 in the 1960s). Our “Primary Safety” concept considers safety from the primary stages of the vehicle’s design such as form and operation. Our “Active Safety” concept aims to improve collision avoidance on the road. Our “Preventive Safety” concept strives to prevent accidents through the use of advanced technologies and our “Passive Safety” concept aims to protect passengers in the event of a collision. We have spent a long time fine-tuning our “All-Around Safety” system which protects people from any danger in any situation. We have been considering safety from many angles in order to deliver “Enjoyment and Peace of Mind” to all passengers who ride in Subaru vehicles, and to achieve our ultimate goal of creating a traffic accident-free society.